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Developing a Culture of Hygiene in Your Business

Bloomberg estimates that it will take seven years to vaccinate enough people to end the pandemic. As we wait, workplaces will have to continue implementing health protocols.

Your business plays a big role in this endeavor. As your workplace opens, your company should rebuild its culture around hygiene and safety. If your organization upholds health regulations on all premises, you’ll reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 (or any disease, for that matter), decrease sick days, and keep productivity high.

Reorient your company culture towards health and hygiene by 1) reconfiguring your workplace; 2) keeping hygiene part of the conversation; and 3) making health supplies, like self-priming filter respirators, available to all workers.

Reconfigure Your Workplace

Hygiene-savvy corporations have embraced technology to ensure cleanliness in their work environment. If you invest in touchless equipment, you gain a competitive advantage — your entire workforce faces a lower risk of getting infected. Consequently, operations are protected.

Consider installing the following equipment on your premises:

  • Automated entrances
  • Touchless switches
  • Automatic dispensers (especially in high-traffic areas)

Keep Hygiene Part of the Conversation

Constant reminders are key to building a culture of cleanliness in your company.

Employee Training

Effective awareness starts with a comprehensive training program. Before the pandemic, cleanliness training is reserved for workplaces that demand the highest levels of sanitation. Today, however, even conventional offices benefit from such a program. Induction and refresher courses ensure that employees know the risks associated with their work environment.


Provide signages to keep everyone mindful of safety. These signs should include:

  • Cleaning recommendations (especially in the bathrooms and pantries)
  • Cleaning reminders (for instance, a quick wipe down of desks at the end of the day)
  • Respiratory hygiene
  • Symptom checks

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides free printable health promotion materials that you can hang in all business locations.

Stock Up on Hygiene Supplies

Whatever business you’re running, your workplace should be well-stocked with hygiene supplies. Available supplies enable your workforce to keep their hands and workstations sanitized.

In fact, some companies claim that it’s worth overstocking slightly in case products become hard to source. HR professionals also say that seeing supplies remind people to tidy up.

Order these supplies in bulk:

  • Hand soap – CDC states that handwashing is an effective way to prevent not just COVID-19 but also respiratory and diarrheal infections. For employees to follow proper handwashing guidelines, soap must be available in your office at all times.
  • Hand sanitizers – According to the CDC, if soap and water aren’t available, employees can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Disinfecting wipes –Give your employees access to disinfecting wipes to clean surfaces. Easy access to sanitizing wipes enables employees to remove contaminants from their workstations quickly.
  • Face masks – Ensure your workers’ access to self-priming filter respirator face masks, which keep out at least 95% of particles. Remember that it’s not recommended to disinfect KN95 masks. Once the mask is contaminated, the wearer must replace it. Keep fresh masks handy for your employees at all times.

Rearranging workstations to comply with safety protocols, keeping health and sanitation part of company discussions, and stocking up on important hygiene supplies will help you develop the culture of health in your business.

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